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What We Offer

Marketing Matters

Is the role of marketing really the expensive icing on the cake of an otherwise sound business? We think it should be considered much more seriously than that! Marketing can and should be a central feature of your business approach - the classical 4Ps description of the marketing role gives a sense of the scope of the thought process. What is the Product you will be offering? How is it Priced? What Place or channel will you use? And then, you can consider the plan for Promotion. The mix of all these factors is critical to maximizing revenue - and that's how we see the value that comprehensive marketing can bring.

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Experience Matters

HTM Solutions offers the lens of over 25 years of product and service technology marketing experience - from electronics and software design consultancies, through streaming media to IoT and B2B SaaS business environments. And a global perspective that comes from engagements with teams in many different countries and cultures. We want to harness this base of knowledge and hands-on implementation expertise and make it available to support your business initiative.

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Available on Demand

Why offer the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role as a service? You can tell that we feel that a marketing perspective is key to greater business success. But sometimes the perspective and depth of experience you would like in a full time employee is not in your immediate budget. The solution is using the resource at HTM Solutions on a part time, consultative basis. We think the support you need can be delivered in a cost effective way through our service and we can grow a relationship as your business prospers. 

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